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Specialized, Industry-Specific Insights

Dental Practices

Turn IT into a Competitive Advantage

Even at the best of times, running a dental practice is a difficult endeavor. In addition to providing your patients with trusted, reliable oral care services, you need to worry about a litany of other problems. Scheduling, inventory, billing, competition, insurance management, marketing. The list goes on. An efficient, well-managed IT set-up can help alleviate many of these issues…but this requires a lot of time to manage.

That’s where we come in. Leveraging decades of combined IT experience, we help dental practices throughout New York City, Westchester County, and New Jersey deploy innovative, secure IT solutions that make everything easier. The best part? Our cost-effective, flat-fee solutions were designed for small businesses like yours.

Healthcare Sector

Expert Insights, Available On-Demand

In addition to our industry-leading work with dental practices and related businesses, we also provide services tailored to other healthcare industry clients. From pharmacies and optometrists to small medical centers and doctor’s offices, Claro Consulting offers a wide range of comprehensive IT solutions that speak to healthcare’s unique, fast-paced operational demands.
Whether you’re looking for managed services from a fully outsourced IT provider or require flat-fee services for healthcare-oriented cyber security, cloud migration, or business continuity planning, we’re here to help. Ready to discuss the next steps? Schedule a free consultation today to explore your options with Claro Consulting.


Save Time with Outsourced IT

It doesn’t matter if you’re an architect, a graphic designer, or an animator – designing is a time-consuming, labor-intensive task that requires significant skill and expertise to handle properly. Design studios spend hours perfecting work for clients and require a robust, secure IT set-up to support this. Here’s the problem: designing and deploying such a system is also a time-consuming, labor-intensive task that requires significant skill and expertise to handle properly.

At Claro Consulting, we can help with that. From cyber security and virus mitigation to VoIP systems and 5G internet, our team knows what it takes to develop and manage effective (and cost-effective) IT. We’re also experts at setting up remote offices.

Charities and Non-Profits

Efficient, Affordable IT Solutions

In the non-profit sector, cost-effectiveness is important. People support your organization because they want to help a particular cause or initiative. IT is not something that typically tops the list when board members and other stakeholders are allocating funds, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Well-managed cyber security protection, internet connectivity, telecommunications, and secure data storage are essential for your continued success.
As your fully outsourced or project-based IT partner, Claro Consulting specializes in delivering optimal solutions that maximize efficiency while minimizing costs. Want to learn more about what we do? Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your unique situation with a member of our team.